国際教養学部専任教員の公募(計量マーケティング分野)/Tenured, Tenure-track, or Fixed-Term Position (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Marketing)

国際教養学部/School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

このたび、「ロンドン大学と武蔵大学とのパラレル・ディグリー・プログラム(PDP)」の科目BSc Statistical methods for market research (ST3188)及びBSc Marketing management (MN3141)もしくはManagement science methods (MN2032)を担当する専任教員を下記の要領で公募することとなりました。つきましては、関係者の方々にご周知いただき、適任者の公募が得られますようお願い申し上げます。

[Hiring institution]

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Musashi University, which opened to undergraduate students in April 2022, is currently looking for suitably qualified candidates with a proven history of teaching excellence and successful research publication in the fields of marketing (Modified on Nov. 24) to apply for a tenured, tenure-track, or fixed-term faculty position (dependent on experience). Details of the position are as follows.

[Recruitment background]

Musashi University sees the fostering of global citizens as one of its missions, in keeping with the foundational principles of the university as well as the objectives of its mid-term development plan, and as a part of those efforts is committed to expanding the diversity of its faculty. The university is an equal opportunities employer, and all applications will be considered solely on the basis of professional accomplishments and personal merit.

仕事内容/Content of work


Statistical methods for market research(英語による授業)

Marketing management (英語による授業)もしくは

Management science methods(英語による授業)





PDPについては、 https://www.musashi.ac.jp/manabi/parallel_degree_programme/gaiyou.html  を参照してください。

担当授業科目については下記のサイトのProgramme structure, modules and specificationを参照してください。両科目ともStandard Route 200 and 300 coursesに載っています。


[Job details]

Teaching and administrative responsibilities:

1.  Teaching undergraduate courses in the fields of marketing (Modified on Nov. 24) and related area (see below)

2.  Contributing to the administration and curriculum development of the SLAS

3.  Duties pertaining to university entrance examinations and committees

4.  Academic supervision and pastoral care of students


Courses to be taught:

As a member of the full-time faculty, you will be required to teach 5 undergraduate classes per week in total. For this particular position, the course load will include the following.

1. ST3188 Statistical methods for market research

2. MN3141 Marketing management

or MN2032 Management science methods

3. Other lectures and seminars at undergraduate level


Please refer to the web sites below for the parallel degree programme (PDP) with the University of London and Musashi University.

PDP: https://www.musashi.ac.jp/manabi/parallel_degree_programme/gaiyou.html 

(in Japanese)

You can also explore University of London’s web site for details of each of the modules.

Please refer to the Programme structure, modules, and specification on the website below for the classes taught. The subjects are listed in the Standard Route 200 and 300 courses.


勤務地/Work area
1-26-1, Toyotama-kami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-8534 Japan
募集人員/Number of positions
1 position
着任日/Employment start date
Candidates are expected to be available to work full-time from September 1, 2024 (negotiable).
職種/Job type





Full-time Professor (tenured),
Associate Professor (tenured or tenure-track),
Assistant Professor (sennin-koushi, tenure-track),
or fixed-term assistant professor (jokyou, three-year contract with possible extension up to two years).




Full-time, tenured, tenure-track, or fixed-term.

In the case of a tenure-track appointment, the initial period of employment will be for up to three years, during which a decision will be made regarding tenure (further details are provided in the additional information section below). Note that teaching loads and administrative obligations for tenure-track appointments remain as specified.


1Successful candidate should have completed Ph.D. , be expected to earn Ph.D. by the time of appointment, or its equivalent in publication of research and/or experience.

2Applicants should have sufficient command of English to teach effectively in English at the university level.

* A high level of Japanese proficiency is preferred, although not required; applicants must have the language skills to perform their academic duties in a Japanese university environment effectively.

待遇等/Treatment etc.



教  授:800万円以上

准 教 授:700万円以上

助  教:500万円以上


本学園給与規程による(人事院勧告準拠)。扶養手当、通勤手当、住居手当、個人研究手当(毎年度 1 200,000 円、課税対象)支給。また、個人研究手当とは別に、個人研究費の額は、年度ごとに各教員 400,000 円を上限とする。


Working hours]
9:0019:00 (The working hours above are during class hours and vary depending on the class schedule.)


Professor8 million yen or more

Associate Professor7 million yen or more

Full-time lecturer6 million yen or more

Assistant Professor5 million yen or more

Remarks: Salary will be determined in consideration of academic background, teaching career, and work experience.

Salary and benefits will be determined in accordance with the university's salary regulations (based on the recommendations of the National Personnel Authority). Allowances are provided towards dependent care, housing, and commuting costs, as well as a fixed personal research stipend (200,000 yen); additional personal research expenses are covered up to a yearly maximum of 400,000 yen.
募集期間/Deadline for applications
202311月21日から 2024119日まで(必着)
Applications must be received by January 19th (Fri), 2024.
応募書類 (送付先を含む)/Application materials

1)履歴書1通(A4 版、本学所定様式)


2)研究・教育業績一覧表1通(A4 版、本学所定様式)




「履歴書、業績一覧表(国際教養学部)」( http://www.musashigakuen.jp/saiyou/index.html)




(4) 主要業績の要旨(A4版、各1枚)

※ 業績ごとに、日本語(800字程度)もしくは英語(400 Words程度)の要旨を提出してください。


[Application documents]

(1) Cover letter

(2) Curriculum vitae, including an email address as well as all relevant information since high school (degrees attained, employment history, academic prizes or grants awarded, research activities, details of affiliations with academic associations etc.)

(3) Complete list of publications

(4) Reprints or copies of up to three publications considered most relevant to the position applied for

* During the selection process, we may ask applicants to submit documents such as a copy of the final degree certificate or diploma, as well as additional research achievements.

(5) A summary in English (about 400 words) or in Japanese (about 800) for each of the three publications. 

* Candidates for the final stage interview may be required to submit further documentation, including copies of degree and other certificates as well as additional publications.

(6) Name, affiliation, contact information, and e-mail address of two people who can be referred to for their opinions about the applicant (We may contact her/him when necessary)

応募方法/Application method

  JREC-IN Portal Web 応募を用いて、電子化したデータで応募を行ってください。応募の際にはすべての応募書類(原則PDF 形式)を zip ファイルに圧縮した形式(上限 20MB)で提出してください。また提出ファイル名を「提出日氏名.zip」(すべて半角英文字。スペースは使用不可)として提出してください。(例:520日提出の場合:0520NerimaHanako.zip


JREC-IN Portal Web 応募を利用した応募ができない場合や応募書類が 20MB を超える場合は、下記連絡先までご連絡ください。


Please submit your application in electronic format using the JREC-IN Portal Web Application. Please submit all application documents (in principle in PDF format) in a zipped file (maximum 20MB). The name of the file should be "Submission Date Name.zip" (all single-byte alphanumeric characters, no spaces).

Example: For submission on May 20: “0520NerimaHanako.zip”

Don’t set passwords for files or folders.

If your application exceeds 20MB in size, please contact us at the address below. Please do not send emails with attached documents without permission.
選考内容/Selection process




Selection procedure: Review of application materials followed by a panel interview (short-listed candidates only). Details of subsequent stages of the appointment process will be explained to candidates who are successful at the interview stage.

Short-listed candidates will be notified of the interview schedule as early as possible. Only those who passed the second round of interview will be notified of the selection schedule after the second round.

The successful candidate will be informed in writing once a decision has been made.



176-8534 東京都練馬区豊玉上1-26-1

武蔵大学 運営部 大学庶務課 気付

Email: job6[at]sec.musashi.ac.jp


Administrative Affairs Division
Staff in charge of School of Liberal Arts and Sciences(Marketing)

Musashi University

1-26-1 Toyotama-kami, Nerima-ku,

Tokyo, 176-8534 Japan

Written queries should be made via e-mail (job6[at]sec.musashi.ac.jp).

*Please change [at] to @ and send.

All application materials will be treated in the utmost confidence. Personal information therein will be used only for the selection of candidates applying for the current position and subsequently, where applicable, for necessary personnel, salary, or welfare-related paperwork; it will be used for no other purposes.
応募上の配慮/Application condideration
Remote interviews may be considered in exceptional cases where a candidate is based overseas or has difficulty attending an interview in person. Please contact us at the address above for details.






For more information about the universitys policies on faculty recruitment, see 



<Note on tenure-track appointments at Musashi University>

The initial tenure-track appointment is for a three-year period during which a onetime only decision about whether to confirm tenure will be made by the tenure committee. If the tenure-track appointee is eligible to take parental leave, in accordance with the relevant regulations for such leave, the period of appointment can be correspondingly extended. The decision on tenure will be made based on output in the areas of (1) research, (2) teaching, (3) university administration, and (4) other contributions to society, etc. Should tenure not be awarded, employment will terminate with the end of the tenure-track appointment period. However, where it is deemed necessary, the period of tenure-track employment may be extended once, for one year. 

Contact Usお問い合わせ

武蔵大学 運営部 大学庶務課 気付 国際教養学部(計量マーケティング分野)担当/Administrative Affairs Division (staff in charge of School of Liberal Arts and Sciences) Musashi University