Job Opening Announcement: Full-time English Instructor (fixed term contract)


Liberal Arts and Sciences Education Center (LASEC)



The Liberal Arts and Sciences Education Center (LASEC), which is responsible for coordinating language education at Musashi University, invites suitably qualified candidates to apply for the position of full-time English instructor (fixed-term contract). The instructor will provide English language teaching and support for students across the university but with a particular focus on contributing to EAP (English for Academic Purposes) curricula for students in English-medium programs such as the Global Studies Program within the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS).  The successful candidate should be equipped to contribute both inside and outside the classroom through teaching, individualized study support for students, materials creation, syllabus design, and the integrated provision of program content across classes in cooperation with other faculty and instructors. Experience helping students prepare for various kinds of English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEIC, etc.) is also desirable. Details of the position are as follows.

Content of work

[Job details]

Teaching and other responsibilities:

(1) A teaching workload equivalent to 10 classes (koma) each week within the university's English language curriculum (see above). On top of these 10 classes, full-time English instructors must offer an extra 4 “office hours" each week – 105-minute periods when they are available to provide support for students' language learning and proficiency test preparation. Instructors may be offered additional classes, beyond the above contracted hours, where the timetable permits. Any such additional classes that they elect to teach will be compensated separately.
(2)  Supplementary work relating to the research and development of English teaching materials or tools
(3) Other duties related to English education at Musashi University
(4) Proctoring for university entrance or end-of-semester examinations
(5) Other duties deemed necessary by the university administration

*Teaching and other duties will require instructors to attend campus a minimum of four days each week. Outside the commitment to complete their contracted duties to the university, instructors have no fixed hours of work. Note, however, that the academic calendar and duties relating to events such as entrance examinations may demand attendance on weekends and other such holidays.

[Number of positions]
Available positions: English Instructor (full-time) 1 position 

[Recruitment background]

Musashi University sees the fostering of global citizens as one of its missions, in keeping with the foundational principles of the university as well as the objectives of its mid-term development plan, and as a part of those efforts is committed to expanding the diversity of its faculty. The university is an equal opportunities employer, and all applications will be considered solely on the basis of professional accomplishments and personal merit.

[Address of work location]
1-26-1, Toyotama-kami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-8534 Japan

[Status and Period of Employment]

Full-time employee (fixed term contract, starting April 1st, 2025). The period of the contract runs, in principle, from April 1st up to the last day in March. The contract may be renewed each year, following a performance evaluation, subject to the stipulation that the total period of employment does not exceed 5 years since April 1st in the first year of employment.

Working hours
9:0019:00 (The working hours above are during class hours and vary depending on the class schedule.)
Academic credentials:
(1) Field: Applicants should have expertise in at least one of the following areas: English education, linguistics, intercultural communication, area studies (English-speaking area)
(2) Degree completion:
*Applicants must have completed a Master's program (or the equivalent component of a PhD program) at least 3 years prior to the starting date of the position applied for.
*Applicants must hold at least a Master's degree in one of the above fields.
(3) Publications: applicants are expected to have published research in one of the above fields (this may include a dissertation submitted for a Master's degree).
(4) Teaching experience: applicants should be highly able and experienced professional teachers of English. (Experience of teaching English-related courses at a university or equivalent higher educational institution is desirable.)
(5) Other:
*Applicants should be energetic and proactive individuals who approach their assigned duties with enthusiasm and creativity.
*Applicants should have the English language proficiency to provide advanced EAP instruction in an all-English class environment, while possessing sufficient command of Japanese to be able to carry out their duties effectively in a Japanese university.

Remuneration and benefits are determined according to the relevant university stipulations. Gross yearly salary, including allowances and bi-annual bonus payments, will be in the region of 5,000,000 to somewhat over 6,000,000 yen depending on experience and qualifications. Commuting expenses are paid separately, as is remuneration for additional classes scheduled above the 10-class workload specified above. A shared office is provided. The university pays into Mutual Aid for Private School Personnel and Employment Insurance plans.

Date of publication

Applications must be received by 30th September, 2024. The position remains open until filled. Selection may be conducted on a rolling basis, with submitted applications examined in the order they are received.

Starting date
April 1st. 2025
Application materials
[Application documents]
(1) Cover letter
(2) Curriculum vitae (CV), including a photo and email address as well as all relevant information since high school (degrees attained, employment history, academic prizes or grants awarded, research activities, affiliations with academic associations etc.)
(3) Complete list of publications
* Note that the CV and list of publications should be submitted as separate documents, both of which are signed and dated.
(4) Reprints or copies of a relevant publication (in English)
(5) A summary in English [about 400 words] for the above publication
(6) Certificates of English/Japanese language proficiency (as appropriate)
*Candidates for interview may be required to submit letters of recommendation. Further documentation, including formally certified proofs of degree completion and other certificates as well as additional publications, may also be requested.

Application method
Please submit your application in electronic format using the JREC-IN Portal Web Application. Please submit all application documents (in principle in PDF format) in a zipped file (maximum 20MB). The name of the file should be "SubmissionDate" (all single-byte alphanumeric characters, no spaces).
Example: For submission on August 31: “”
※Don’t set passwords for files or folders.
※If your application exceeds 20MB in size, please contact us at the address below.

Selection process
[Selection process]
Selection procedure: Review of application materials followed by a panel interview (short-listed candidates only). Details of subsequent stages of the appointment process will be 
explained to candidates who are successful at the interview stage.

Short-listed candidates will be notified of the interview schedule as early as possible.

The successful candidate will be informed in writing once a decision has been made.

Written queries should be made via e-mail (
All application materials will be treated in the utmost confidence. Personal information therein will be used only for the selection of candidates applying for the current position and subsequently, where applicable, for necessary personnel, salary, or welfare-related paperwork; it will be used for no other purposes.

[Contact details]

Administrative Affairs Division (staff in charge of LASEC)

Musashi University

1-26-1 Toyotama-kami, Nerima-ku,

Tokyo, 176-8534 Japan

Application consideration
Remote interviews may be considered in exceptional cases where a candidate is based overseas or has difficulty attending an interview in person. Please contact us at the address above for details.
Background Information:
The Japanese academic year starts on April 1st; teaching is based on a semester system, with the Spring semester running from April through to early August, and the Fall semester from mid-September through January, including a two-week winter break over Christmas and New Year. Some classes are offered quarterly. Meetings and administrative duties are not restricted to term time and may require the presence of teaching staff on campus even when there are no classes.
For more information about the university’s policies on faculty recruitment, see